Bangladesh University of Professionals

Bangladesh University of ProfessionalsBangladesh University of Professionals (BUP) is the 29th public university of Bangladesh established in Mirpur, Dhaka in 2008, to run all educational institutions of the army, navy and air force and facilitate professional degrees for armed forces personnel.[1]

The university has Faculty of Security and Strategic Studies, Faculty of Technical Studies, Faculty of Medical Studies and Faculty of General Studies. It awards bachelor degrees in 10 categories of various disciplines ranging from engineering and medicine to general education. It awards and Master's degrees in 25 categories of various disciplines of military studies, war studies, medicine. It also awards M. Phil degrees.[1]

The university runs both Regular and Executive MBA program (in the university campus at Mirpur Cantonment, Dhaka) under Faculty of business studies ( which is the only direct teaching faculty of this university). As per the future plan, BBA program will be launched very soon.

In addition to defense students, it also admits civilian students through its affiliated institutions.[2]


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