University of South Asia Bangladesh

University of South AsiaThe University of south Asia (UniSA) is being established as a private university under the private university Act of 1992, with a view to the improving the human resources and achieving undisputed leadership in the field of education. Its curriculum has been approved by the University Grant Commission of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and also been appreciated by some of world class University abroad.

UniSA is a initiative of the north Bengal Medical College, Sirajgong. The governing body consists of lawmaker’s business professional’s renowned academics and so on.

UniSA will lead the way with its Career focus curriculum and a long-standing commitment to quality teaching and learning and innovative research. It is a career oriented and dynamic university committed to leading the way in higher education and research. UniSA is dedicated to higher quality teasing and excellence in education. The student-centered, flexible and innovative approach takes full advantage of new direction in teasing and learning and in using new technologies to provide education of the height quality. our emphasis is one enriching the learning experiences and outcome of an increasingly diverse student population

The University has just started its functioning at a campus of around 3bighas of land with two multistoried building in Banani Residential Area. The campus offers idyllic environment for an academic institution. Plenty of open spaces are available around the campus for the students to move about for rest and recreation. There is also huge space for car perking. At the University, we are dedicated to integrating technology in to every fact of your education that includes creating an ideal setting for learning. We have well equipped air-conditioned classroom with modern teaching tools facilities high-speed digital network computer lab, the Group Decision support lab, multimedia lab, and micro-computing lab, surrounding an open area where students work individually or in team. The Auditorium is a technology showcase, offering electronic presentation and recording equipment, multiple screens, and so on.


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