Bangladesh Islami University

Bangladesh Islami UniversityBangladesh Islami University (BIU) has been established under the Private University Act 1992, as amended in 1998. This University is a modern, dynamic and innovative academy which provides high-quality knowledge in every branch of education. The present (university) campus is housed in a ten storied building located at 89/12, R.K. Mission Road, Gopibag, Bishwa Road, Dhaka-1203.

Vision: The University authority firmly aims at disseminating holistic education through integrated learning and state-of-the-art training methods. The authority strives to produce professionals with self-confidence, versatile skills and ethical standards to meet the challenges of the contemporary legal and corporate world and sow the seeds of economic, spiritual & cultural growth.

Mission: The mission of BIU is to impart education to interweave the two education streams, religious and conventional, in the light of Islam. The Supreme reality, Allah the Almighty, whose impingement is on the spiritual consciousness, gives freedom to human intellect and imagination. There are four sources of knowledge that are used in propounding the basic concepts of a human being and his or her relationship with Allah and the rest of the universe.


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